Today’s search engines may be powerhouses at sorting information. However, it’s still all too easy for your site to get lost in the mix of the rapidly increasing number of sites they must crawl — even when you implement traditional SEO strategies.

Schema Markup (Structured Data)
are helpful yet often overlooked forms of SEO — can quickly and methodically guide the crawlers, telling them exactly what content your page contains and why it matters.

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Also, built in Schema tester!

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Schema MarkApp is license based plugin,
Licenses for beta users are free for limited time until beta is over.
later on it is expected to cost $40 per license, for a lifetime use include future updates.

Yes, this plugin uses WordPress own system encode to genereate these schemas so it should be working with any WordPress theme and setup out there.

After almost two years of research of schema markups i started developing my own schema markups at first in a form of a javascript file being called to by a php command and then transformed the schema to into a WordPress php file and from there to a wordpress generated schema using wp_json_encode.

This process made me realize that if anyone would try to implement these schemas even at their last form which is much easier than my first version, it would still be too complected and risky, so i created a plugin to do that work for you.

Schema MarkApp includes a built-in schema markup tester, with this tool you could test schemas that were implemented in the site, using the plugin AND competitors sites JSON-LD! make it easier and quicker process to compare between you and your compatitors


Woocommerce Integration

If you’re selling products on your website using Woocommerce, Schema MarkApp integrates with Woocommerce and adding fields to each product which will also be added to the product schema, also allowing bulk editing of products from the WordPress admin panel

Sidebar Schema Editor

No more messing around with the backend of WordPress, adding schemas is easier than ever with a sidebar that is available for admins on every page, similar to the built-in WordPress Customizer.

On page schema viewer

Included schema tester, puts an end to the guessing game if the schemas that were added are live on the page, and saves the time and trouble of testing them via an external tool.

FAQ, Recipe Schemas, and editors included

with unlimited fields and question and answers

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Having spent years working at digital marketing agencies, I mastered the ins and outs of each tool, but I also fine-tuned the big picture plan – making digital marketing more efficient and cost-effective.

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